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From Novice to Pro: Your Trading Evolution with Torero-Traders-School

In the multifaceted world of trading, starting with the right education and guidance is crucial. At Torero, we offer a step-by-step approach that takes you from the basics to mastery.

With our Torero Basic package, you lay the foundation for your success. It’s perfect for those new to trading or looking to refresh their existing knowledge. You’ll gain access to the core principles of trading, learn to spot opportunities, and develop a solid understanding of the market.

When you’re ready to dive deeper and expand your knowledge, the Torero Fusion package leads you into the next phase of your trading journey. Beyond advanced strategies, you’ll benefit from weekly live sessions with experts. These interactive sessions offer you the chance to learn in real-time, ask questions, and deepen your understanding.

For those aiming for excellence and wanting to join the elite, our Torero Elite package is the way to go. An intensive three-day training that takes you through realistic trading simulations, exclusive materials, and direct interactions with top trading experts.

Regardless of which package you choose, at Torero, your success is at the heart of what we do. Our courses are designed not just to inform but to transform. It’s not just about making trades; it’s about making the right decisions ā€“ consistently and informed.



Trading Blueprint
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  • Lifetime Course Access
  • Comprehensive Trading Strategies
  • Exclusive Torero Resources
  • Step-by-Step Learning Modules
  • Regular Content Updates

Torero Fusion

Self-Study with Live Weekly Guidance
$ 1999
  • All from "Torero Basic"
  • Weekly 60-min Zoom Live Sessions
  • Direct Expert Q&A
  • Recorded Session Access
  • Priority Support

Torero Elite

Three-Day Live Trading Masterclass
$ 2999
  • 3-Day Intensive Training
  • Live Interaction
  • Real-time Trading Simulations
  • Exclusive Course Materials
  • Completion Certificate

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I am self-employed in the financial services sector and wanted to to expand and consolidate my knowledge in the field of trading.

I met Wieland Arlt at a social event where he gave an interesting talk on "the life of a trader". I decided to take his course offer of Torero Traders School with turgid personal coaching.

My decision is an absolute win for me, Wieland's expertise has explicitly contributed to my learning success in trading. Through previous "trips" to different offerings to "really learn trading" I can confirm a very positive comparison for the personal and professional support from Wieland.

I can only recommend a coaching with Wieland to anyone who seriously wants to deep dive into the topic of trading, the B2B coaching and the personal support has increased my learning curve quickly, if I have questions or problems I can always turn to Wieland, thank you very much for that!
Ludwig | MĆ¼nchen
08. MƤrz 2023
I had the distinct pleasure of attending Mr Arlt's trading coaching sessions.

Wieland beautifully sang the language of logic, numbers, charts, probabilities and strategies, the language of truth, he utilized this to give us a comprehensive outlook & precious guidance on trading! He successfully proceeded to complement it with the risk & money management session on the second day.

Definitely worth it, strongly recommend taking the time, and making the effort to attend any coaching sessions offered in your city, or even another town for that matter. Insightful to say the least.

I hope our paths cross again, and I get another chance to acquire some of Wieland's knowledge & expertise.
Mosab Obeidat
MSc Financial Analysisc
My name is Ronny Eckert and I have been trading for 8 years now. When I came to Wieland, I had already lost quite a bit in trading. I had read many books and watched many videos, but these things could not help me with my problem, which I had to wait and find a targeted entry.

With Wieland I learned to find the right entry point in a focused and relaxed manner, without nervously or anxiously observing the market. A calm routine. Wieland showed me the best way to prepare, what to watch out for and how to maintain my trade when it is active without thinking about whether the trade was right or wrong. After I was with Wieland, I was able to make profits for the first time without losing them again. And then it was also fun without heart palpitations and tantrums. Despite the many books and videos from the web, I could not find the inner peace and concentration. None of these things helped me to solve this problem until my wife told me to turn to a professional. Since I had been to several trading fairs, I knew exactly who was the right person for me. Wieland Arlt.

If you have a similar problem with trading, I can only advise you to go to the Torero Traders School. Because no matter how hard you try, you can't teach yourself to find your focus. And when you see one person at a trade show, among the hundreds of lectures, where you have the feeling that this person really wants to teach you something, then you know that you are right with him. It was one of the best decisions of my life to attend the Torero Traders School.

With Wieland you immediately feel that you are welcome as a person and that he is interested in you. With him you don't get processed, but he also deals with your personal weak points. A working solution is found. The subject matter is taught in such a way that everyone, no matter how much experience they have, learns new things but also gets the familiar things explained to the point. It is perfectly designed from start to finish. I would recommend Torero Traders School to anyone who is looking for a trading school to find a clear guide, to improve or to start from the beginning without aimlessly fighting through the market.

With Wieland's help I was able to build up my portfolio in such a way that today I could start a company in the medical technology sector from the profits. As a trader you get a lot from various schools, but for me none is comparable. If you are looking for long-term success and still have questions after the training, you can contact Wieland, the Torero Traders School is the perfect place for you.
Ronny E.
13. MƤrz 2023

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