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Partnerships are an essential factor in the success of any business. At Torero Traders School, we understand the power of partnerships and are happy to have great partners by our side with whom we can continue to grow. Having a strong partner network opens up new opportunities for us to share knowledge, find new ways to provide the best possible service to our clients, and work together to implement innovative ideas. Our partnerships are a tremendous opportunity for us, our company and our customers.

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CFD & Forex

Raise your ambitions

It’s time to think big. Access a wealth of trading opportunities, trusting in the security of the Swiss leader in online banking. More than 3 million products are waiting for you, all at attractive rates.

Access millions of products, safely and securely

Stocks, cryptos, Forex and CFDs, robo-advisory, credit solutions: whatever your aspirations, take advantage of our competitive fees, efficient tools and simplified transactions.


Trading and active investing made easy

Trade with a broker who wins awards time and again, whose clients are enthusiastic, who is not a market maker and who is known for his legendary service.

Broker comparisons repeatedly praise the order execution (70% of CFD orders are executed at a price better than the limit), the exceptional trading platform, and the free trading strategies.


Investui is a modern and inexpensive way to invest. Capital markets display market or calendar effects. The existence of market or calendar effects is confirmed in many academic papers. Professional investors and traders make profits from investing in market effects because (1) they have time to constantly monitor the markets and (2) they have an appropriate strategy for every market effect.

Investui allows retail investors to also profit from market effects. Clients have two options: a managed account or a non-managed account. In the case of the managed account, Investui automatically implements all signals on the client’s account. In the case of a non-managed account, the client receives an e-mail alert. One click converts the alert into a real position. The position is opened and closed automatically. Clients can see the open positions in real-time.


FreeStoxx offers traders a wide range of opportunities to participate in the financial market.

With FreeStoxx, investors have the opportunity to trade over 8000 US stocks – at a commission of 0 euros. This commission-free option allows traders to make their investments cost-effectively and efficiently.

In addition, FreeStoxx offers an optional mini-commission model where clients’ orders on the NYSE and NASDAQ are prioritized for execution. This model allows traders to benefit from faster executions and possible advantages on the American exchanges.

Get funded with a
prop trading account

Our goal is to be the new global standard in trading and investing.

Trading can feel like an odyssey, a long journey filled with difficulties, obstacles, and emotional rollercoasters. We’ve been through this journey thousands of times and paved a safe path for you. We believe partnering with our traders is the only way to move forward and grow together.

We equip our traders with the knowledge and tools necessary to become successful partners of The Trading Pit – potentially earning up to 80% of the profits.

Scan the worlds marketswithin a second

Do you want to start trading but don’t know where to start?

Are you already trading but struggling to find the time to succeed?

Tradesscanner’s unique, lightning-fast trading software helps you understand the market quickly and easily.

You no longer have to waste endless hours searching for the best deals or trying to understand the complex world of trading.

Because with Tradesscanner’s one of a kind software, everything is done for you.

Get insights about Smallcaps and Commodities

Nie wieder 9-to-5 Job! Wer wie ich erst einmal die ganzen Möglichkeiten außerhalb des Hamsterrads gesehen hat, fragt sich im Grunde nur, warum er nicht schon viel frĂŒher ausgebrochen ist. Die Risiken sind nĂ€mlich deutlich geringer, als viele Dir das immer erzĂ€hlen wollen, und egal wo Du gerade unterwegs bist: Interessante Chancen gibt es ĂŒberall!

In meinem Blog berichte ich Dir regelmĂ€ĂŸig von meinen Reisen, von interessanten Personen die ich unterwegs treffe, und von den tollen Investment-Möglichkeiten die sich auf der ganzen Welt auftun.

Learn about Crypto

The organization provides comprehensive education and training on cryptocurrencies, NFTs, web3, Metaverse, DeFi, and Airdrops for beginners and advanced learners.

They regularly analyze crypto, web3, and NFT projects and rate them to evaluate investment opportunities. Their community offers a platform where members can ask questions, receive support, and engage with tax professionals, professional traders, and developers.

The Blue Alpine Academy provides training for individuals and companies in NFT, DeFi, Metaverse, and web3, and also supports universities in further education and training. Their comprehensive package for investors and interested parties in the crypto and blockchain space makes them a valuable partner for anyone looking to explore the exciting world of crypto and blockchain.

Award-Winning Futures Trading Platforms

Uncover Your Opportunity With Award-Winning Futures Trading Platforms
NinjaTrader delivers integrated multi-device trading using a cloud-based technology designed for active futures traders. Take control of your trading journey and trade how you want, where you want.

Access the world’s most popular futures markets including the E-mini indexes.
Trade futures seamlessly across devices including PC, Mac or mobile.
Visualize the futures markets and target trades using a customizable futures trading platform.
Join a community of over 1 million users that have made NinjaTrader the industry leader.