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Free Trader Coaching


Free Trader Coaching

Expander Strategy

This is my favorite Strategy for Day- and Swing Trading. Here is why:

  1. The strategy has a high hit rate
  2. The Strategy offers excellent Risk Reward Ratios
  3. The Strategy leaves no room for interpretation

Learn more about my favorite Expander Strategy in my free Trader Coaching. You will learn how to spot the best setups, how to manage your trade and where to take your profits. After this Coaching you will be able to apply this strategy in your favorite market, in your favorite timeframe and in your favorite trading software. 

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Expander MT5
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The Expander Strategy will change your life as a Trader forever!

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Are you looking for an easy to apply strategy that lets you enter a trend multiple times? Welcome to the Touch and Turn Strategy. My favorite strategy when it comes to follow a trend! Based on the concept of trend and pullback the Touch and Turn Strategy allows you to enter right at that moment, when the pullback of the trend is finished and the price starts to continue its trend again.

Learn more about this simple and powerful strategy in my FREE Trader Coaching.

Double Touchdown

How to spot a trend reversal? It is easy as 1-2-3 with my favorite Double Touchdown Strategy! Use a very simple and common formation and my favorite Indicator to find an entry in a new trend long before the majority even thinks about a reversal.

Learn more about this simple and powerful strategy in my FREE Trader Coaching.

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Are you tired?

…Of endless scanning for your setup? Scan your favorite markets for suitable Swing trades according to the Expander Strategy, Double Touchdown and my Touch and Turn Strategy within a second on Tradesscanner.

Find the best intraday setups in realtime and automate your trade management with the Expander Plugins for:

Meta Trader 4

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Meta Trader 5

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